Johann Bollmann

Principal Investigator

Katharina Lischka

Functional role of single neurons and
circuit motifs in visually controlled behaviors

Mir Ahsan Ali
PhD student

Spatiotemporal organization of activity in
neural networks during vision and action

Shagnik Chakraborty
PhD student

Dopaminergic modulation of
visually guided behaviors

Nils Brehm
PhD student

Dopaminergic modulation of
mechanosensory processing

Margit Böhler
Technical assistant

Expert technical and
administrative support

Students (former and current)

Christophe Petry (BSc)
Michel Mattern (BSc)
Simon Vierke (BSc)
Anabel Mersi (BSc, with W. Driever)
Leonie Weber (BSc)
Nicole Barheier (MSc)
Qi Li (MSc)
Nils Wenke
Gizem Keskin
Luise Fraissl
Zulgada Osmanova

: For prospective PhD students and postdoctoral fellows who have a keen interest in studying visual information processing and motor control in the zebrafish nervous system, please contact J. Bollmann.