Funded positions available:

We are inviting applications for PhD and Postdoc positions to study visual information processing and motor control in the intact vertebrate nervous system.

Our resesarch aims at identifying fundamental mechanisms of how visual information is encoded and processed in the intact brain. In an interdisciplinary team, we investigate pathways and neuronal coding schemes in sensory circuits and motor command centers underlying complex visually guided behaviors.

Research projects: Postdoc and PhD projects involve state-of-the-art multiphoton imaging of sensory-evoked network activity at the cellular, subcellular and population level in the zebrafish nervous system. Critically, targeted patch-clamp recordings will be used to determine single cell function and synaptic connectivity and to identify circuit motifs in distributed neural assemblies. Optogenetic manipulation will be used to test candidate mechanisms of visual circuit function. We have long-standing and unique experience in analyzing structure and function of neural circuits in zebrafish using multiphoton imaging, targeted patch-clamp recordings and quantitative behavioral analysis (e.g. Gabriel et al, Neuron 2012; Preuss et al, Current Biology 2014). The positions are part of an interdisciplinary team in an international research environment, situated in the Institute of Biology I at the University of Freiburg. The Institute of Biology I, which also hosts the labs of e.g. W. Driever, A. Straw, D. Reiff and M. Wittlinger, offers an excellent environment for pursuing systems neuroscience research in genetic model organisms. The dynamic neuroscience community at the University of Freiburg (www.neuro.uni-freiburg.de) provides ample opportunity for interaction and collaboration, e.g. Freiburg Neuroscience, Bernstein Center Freiburg, Neurex Neuroscience Network (Freiburg, Basel, Strasbourg).

Funded Postdoc position (3 years):
Excellent PhD thesis, e.g. in neuroscience, neurobiology or biophysics, and a high quality first author paper. Research experience in single cell electrophysiology or functional Ca2+ imaging/laser scanning microscopy in genetic model organisms. Fluent in English. Practical knowledge in programming (e.g. Python, Matlab, LabView) is desirable.

Funded PhD position (3 years):
Requirement: Diploma or Master degree in a relevant field, e.g. neuroscience, physics, biology, biomedical engineering. Genuine interest in quantitative cellular and systems neuroscience. Practical experience related to the topic (e.g. biomedical optics, electro/-optophysiology) advantageous. Fluent in English. Practical knowledge in programming (e.g. LabView, Python, Matlab) desirable.

For further information, and to apply, please contact J. Bollmann.
Johann.Bollmann [AT] bio.uni-freiburg.de